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Our Programs are designed for performance excellence and are considered by our clients to be an instrumental foundation to the effectiveness of quality, leadership, team building and organizational alignment. Developing leadership capabilities in your employees allows them to shift their paradigms to make them good at their jobs and thus inspire and lead others likewise, thus achieving the end result - a win-win concept.

At QME, organizations have the flexibility of choosing either in-house customized programs or take advantage of the numerous public programs available. In-house programs allow for flexibility of content, venue and date, as well as cost savings.

Public programs serve as a valuable learning platform as it offers the interaction and sharing of knowledge and experience among employees of various organizations and backgrounds. Contact us at info@qme2u.com for details.

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Quality Management Excellence (QME), Executive Development Programmes (EDP) provides you access to an internationally recognized Executive Diploma, Degree and MBA that is awarded by an Open University through it's distance education methodology in the US and Australia. The program is tailored to suit most working professionals and senior executives as it is structured on a work-based learning programme, thereby allowing you to obtain a recognized qualification on a fast track basis. (Programs are MOE approved)

Our strength lies in our exceptional and dedicated teaching faculty whom are trained to bring
out the best in each and every student. In addition, a conducive learning environment is provided with easy access to information for consultations as well as Computer Labs and the Resource Centre for undertaking research.

The well structured learning process and exceptional networking opportunities make it easier for us to fulfill the expectations of our students. Clearly, the QME's Executive Development Programs is the right choice for professionals seeking to improve their career opportunities.

Please email edp@qme2u.com for further information.

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