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In today's dynamic and increasingly global economy, attaining above average profitability requires consistent and sustainable productivity improvements. Business processes are fundamental building block of organizational success and is a key activity for business prosperity. Organizations demand cost effectiveness, quick results and accelerated pace of development.

As your long-term partner, QME is geared towards Best Practice Management of key processes pursuing and building a range of Business Process Re-engineering models to manage major challenges facing modern business. Long-term partnership and mutual benefits characterizes our "supplier-client" relationship, which successfully implements synergies based on shared expertise and strengths.


QME is a training & consultancy firm established in Malaysia to provide a comprehensive range of consultancy, training and support services in the field of Business Process Re-engineering, Quality Management, General and Strategic Management. The Company was formed with the association of a group of prominent consultants.

We believe in "Building Success and Interdependence Through Quality Development". Our approach in assisting organization to achieve this concept is very effective and cost beneficial in the form of practical training, support and professional services. Our consultant are renowned in various industries for more than a decade. The result is an innovative and high-quality service that benefits our clients and partners.


At QME we see change as a challenge and play an active role in gearing towards IT. We have set clear goals in the interest of our clients. Our clients are our life and future and therefore we continually strive to develop & improve our performance to provide our customers with innovative programmes designed to build essential core management skills and knowledge that are crucial for achieving and sustaining competitive advantage. These programmes are put together by harnessing the strengths and resources of an extensive team of professionals, both locally and internationally, resulting in a holistic, synergistic and powerful approach to developing critical management skills and knowledge that not only meet, but exceed expectations. This puts QME in a unique position and sets us apart in the field of Quality Management and Business Improvement Techniques.


At QME, we believe that successful Management of Quality and Business Improvement, depends on the simultaneous development of People, Processes and Systems. In today's dynamic and increasingly globalised environment, organisations and individuals demand cost effectiveness, quick results and accelerated pace of development. There is no packaged formula that can make this happen. Our  objective is to enhance customers' management  team and provide practical and cost-effective advice tailored to their individual requirements.


It is all about meeting the  unique needs of organizations to attain their highest goals and aspirations. To help your organization unleash the power to focus on organizational priorities by transforming the workplace where every employee works towards interdependence and share a common vision towards strategic corporate initiatives. It is the commitment of QME.


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